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The Baron and his Fünfdecker Fokker

So I built it multiple times.

The Baron and his Fünfdecker Fokker was released in 1971. Being a fan of the comic Snoopy vs The Red Baron I remember seeing this kit for the first time in the 1973 Revell catalogue and wanting it but it took a couple of years before I got one and then I built it straight out of the box.
After some years I decided to remove two wings and the V8 engine to get a Triplane. I repainted it green and red like the box top on the Revell 1/72 kit.
(Model finished 2005)

The model didn't survive so I wanted to build this kit again for many years and in 2005 I finally found an old kit at a reasonable price, so I built a Triplane again. I added some struts in front of the cockpit this time and made a wheel cover.

It became red and green this time too. Those old kits had self-adhesive stickers so I had to make new decals for it.

Third time lucky?

I wanted a second kit to build as the Fünfdecker with the V8 as well but I found the kits to expensive but finally it was rereleased by Revell.
(Model finished 2019)

I had plans of building it straight out of the box and it started well.

But then something went wrong. As I had the V8 left over from the Triplane build I decided to make this one a double V8 engined plane. Strange. After waiting all those years to build it, I failed. But it was the same thing with the Tijuana Taxi I never managed to find as a kid. When I finally got the chance I messed up. I had to get a second kit and build it again.

Finally I managed to finish the Baron. It has been lurking on the desk for month waiting for the wheels and the propeller.

Here are both planes together.

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