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A short Matchbox J 29 Tunnan

When I found a shortened fuselage in the spare part boxes I got an idea for it. I had used it for testing, so it was in a rough state. I searched the boxes for usable parts an found some new Matchbox wings and the clear parts from the old Airfix Lancaster.
(Model finished 2015)

With a short fuselage I needed to cut down the wings.

I wanted a fatter fuselage, so I broke the fuselage apart and added some plastic wedges. The matt part of the new canopy was easily polished, and the shape of the plane is coming along.

I found the wings still being too long, so the wing tips was cut off as well.

With the wings on I felt happy with the look of it so on with the tedious work with putty and sand paper.

The front part of the kit canopy was mated to the Lancaster radome. I was playing with different landing gears but decided that it looked better "in the air" so I mounted it on an old Matchbox stand.

I used the decals from the Revell issue of the kit but needed to swap the national insignia for some smaller roundels. As I don't like to waste models this was built.

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