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Hasegawa Egg planes part 2

P-47 Thunderbolt

I didn't like the decal variants in the kit, so I searched for something else. At first, I was looking at a Mexican plane
(Model finished 2018)

But I'm not to fond of the propeller eggs so I didn't want to spend time painting. I went for an easy paint job with left over decals.

It became a P-47 from Portugal in the end.

P-51 Mustang

Finally, an egg I could do in Swedish colours.
(Model finished 2018)

Best of all it could be a local plane.

F8 wing was based in Stockholm and I had some left-over decals from a Heller Mustang.

Variants on the Focke Wulf 190 kit

Three planes with the same Hasegawa Fw190 egg plane as a base.

Focke Wulf 190A

The Hasegawa Fw190 egg plane built out of the box.
(Model finished 2017)

It is one of the few propeller planes that I think "work" as an egg plane. Mostly they just get antonymous as the character of them disappear in the egg shape.

Focke Wulf 190D

I tried to convert the Hasegawa Focke Wulf 190 into the long nosed 190D but I'm not 100% happy with the outcome. On the other hand, I'm not too fond of the majority of the propeller egg planes. The jet planes work better.
(Model finished 2017)

The nose was lengthened, and some 1/48 scale exhausts added.

I had to cut the tail off and add a piece between the parts as well.

Large amounts of putty were needed.

Well this is the result of all the putty on it.

There was of course no other choice than the red underside of the "Papagei Staffel" for it. But it does look more like fat pig than a "Langnase 190".

Messerschmitt Me262

With a FW190D built from the Papagei-Staffel that protected the 262's I also wanted a Messerschmitt. It was probably just wishful thinking but looking at the Focke Wulf’s I thought that I saw a 262 in them, so I got myself a third kit. As this is the FW190 kit it is here even though it ended up as a jet.
(Model finished 2018)

I added a left-over nose from a Roden He111C and smoothed things up with Magic Sculpt. Then the tail was cut off and a piece of plastic tube inserted between the parts and the space between them was filled with plastic strips.

I used the wings from a Revell 1/72 Me262 kit, but they need to be deformed a bit to look right. A piece was cut off by the wing tips, but the engines looked a little thin.

I found some airliner engines in 1/144 sale that I used to "beef 'em up"

The fin was replaced with the 1/72 Me262 fin but I managed to use the stabilisers on another project, so I converted some from a Pzl-23. Lots of filler and sanding was needed but finally I could paint it.

I used a mix of decals from a Revell and a Frog Me262.

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