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PzBefWg III Ausf.K
This is an Panzer Befehlswagen (Pz.Bef.Wg) III Ausf.K. It was made from a Esci 1/72 Pz.IIIM, with the turret from an Airfix Pz.IV. The front of the turret has been remodelled and the Pz.III gun been mounted. I have also made some smokelaunchers and antennas. In one of the pictures below, two antennas are missing.


Panzer III
PanzerIII PanzerIII
The New Revell Panzer III Ausf.M to the left and the old Esci Panzer III Ausf. N to the right.

Panzer III/IV
Panzer Panzer
The New Revell Panzer III Ausf.M to the left and a Revell Panzer IV Ausf.H to the right. Both in 2PD markings.
I wanted both kits built from the same unit with similar camo and sideskirts. When I had decided on what to build I went out and bought the kits on a friday, five days later they were ready. It was fun to do a really quick build for once.
Panzer Panzer
Slovakian Panzer III Ausf. N from Esci to the left and a Bulgarian Panzer IV Ausf.H from Revell to the right.

Wirbelwind Wirbelwind
This is an AlBy Wirbelwind turret mounted on the Revell Panzer Ausf.J hull. I had heard so many positive comments on the AlBy stuff so I was a bit surprised when building this.
The gun is a really impressive thing with brass barrels and nice details. The actual turret was a different thing. The parts wasn't very good, they didn't fit really so I had to make some "plates" of plastic card to get it together. I suspect it was part of a Esci Pz.IV conversion and I think it's out of production now. Perhaps they release one for the Revell kit sometime.

Stug IV
StugIV StugIV StugIV
I bought the Revell Stug IV fully aware of the awful chassie and gun that comes with the kit. I was planning to substitute the bogies an the gun with parts from tne Esci or the Hasegawa Panzer IV, but when I developed a dislike for those kits the project was put to rest.
When i bought a Revell Pz IV I had a look at my Stug and realized that the Pz IV chassie did fit on the Stug with minimal alternations the project was on the road again.
I decided to make some changes to the hatchs and a new MG-mount on the roof to make it to a later version.
I liked the result so much that I bought me a second Stug so that I can build a earlier variant.

Jagdpanzer IV
Jagdpanzer Jagdpanzer
This is a Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV built almost out of the box.I saw this camo that I liked in the Osprey Ardennes book
Jagdpanzer Jagdpanzer
Escis Panzer IV got new walls with roof and gun from a Esci Jagdpanzer IV, so that I could have an Alkett Jagdpanzer. They were build on standard Pz.IV chassies, hence the height of it.
Jagdpanzer Jagdpanzer Jagdpanzer
Well since I thought that the Esci Panzer IV's are over scaled I got myself some Jagdpanzers in 1/76 scale instead. The grey one is the Matchbox kit modified to a earlier type. The yellow is a Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV/Airfix Panzer IV combo. It was made the same way as the Esci mentioned above.

Panther section

Tiger(p) Befehlswagen
It is a bit funny that my first Tiger built should be the Porsche prototype for the Tiger I

I had a Esci Elefant laying around and after building the Panther with a Pz IV turret I found out that the same unit used a Tiger(p) as a "Befehlswagen". After having no luck in locating the Milicraft kit I found a old article on building this in 1/76 scale. (But this model is in 1/72 scale)
The turret is from the old Hasegawa Tiger I kit. I made a try with a Zimmerite coating of Milliput and a tool made from the side of a CD singel box. It has a finer pattern then the boxes from the CD albums.
Once again I managed to avoid resin :-)

Ferdinand Ferdinand Ferdinand
This is a S.Pz.Jg.Abt.653 Ferdinand. I modified the Esci Elefant kit.
ferdinand ferdinand
I made new grills on the enginedeck, new hatch on the roof and removed the machinegun.
I also removed the toolbox at th back of the hull.
Elefant Elefant
An Elefant from S.Pz.Jg.Abt.653. It is the Esci kit built with very few alternations.I did leave out the toolbox on the right front hull.

Stockholm May 27, 2002