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Build a paper cockpit

The cockpit is quite bare in the Airfix kit, so I wanted to do something about this. I found a picture of the instrument panel from the first prototype 37-1 and to my surprise it was green instead of grey as normally in Viggen. It looked very different to the production machines as well. I made some questions about this and learned that the first two prototypes had green cockpits and those two was very similar to each other. So, I have been drawing some panels that I will print out and glue in the cockpit.

The instrument panel is drawn from the photo, but the side panels are fake? I found drawings of the cockpit in and old Viggen booklet and the side panels didn't match any of the photos I've seen. Most of the pictures in the book was of the prototypes so I used that drawing as a start for my panels. I noticed that the third prototype again had a different instrument panel but that one was similar to the production planes, so I made a set for it as well. But there is a problem with the green panels. Not only are the side panels fake but the instrument panel is how it looked when the plane was scrapped so it is probably not how it was at the beginning. Well I have not found any pictures of the initial look, so I will use this.
I developed it into a foldable cockpit tub. This is a first test with ordinary paper. I cut a hole in the floor for the seatís attachment point. If you find them useful feel free to use them. If you find these useful feel free to use them.

I think it is good enough for me. I printed it out on a matt photo paper for increased stability.

Here are two cockpit tubs.
The green one is for prototypes 37-1 and 37-2. The grey one has the instrument panel (left) for the prototype 37-3 while the one on the right is for the production planes AJ 37 and SH 37.
The white rectangle on the floor must be removed for the Airfix seat to fit.
I am adding other panels to this.

Stockholm November 14, 2013 Updated February 24, 2020
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